At Frontline Asset Strategies, LLC, we partner with technology companies to enhance the consumer experience and optimize performance. These partnerships provide us the opportunity to collaborate on the development and deployment of innovative tools and forward-thinking strategies in Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) solutions. Collaborating with industry-leading technology companies allows us to participate in creating solutions to the challenges we face as an agency each day. 

Dynamic Culture

Our agency’s forward-thinking and dynamic culture encourages our team to embrace and leverage technology. Our team is committed to making the debt collection process both more engaging and more efficient. We communicate and collaborate with our technology partners to evaluate and provide feedback, automate processes, and calibrate data analytics. We provide a fresh perspective and insights into how tools perform in reality.

Professional Partnerships

We partner with cutting-edge technology companies to develop digital tools that help us enhance the consumer experience. Working directly with highly specialized partners, like Provana, helps us streamline resource management and compliance tools as well as consumer-centric payment options. We perform tests and simulations that enable us to offer our tech partners the feedback and operational expertise needed to improve their technology. 

Effective Collaboration

We partner with Attunely to gain insight from their robust database of consumers across all asset classes. Their integration with our system allows us to contact consumers via their most preferred or effective method. Our collaborative approach with our technology partners helps to reduce risk and optimize our collection platforms, ultimately increasing customer engagement and returning higher margins. 

Process Automation

Automating simple manual processes is an important step in optimizing efficiency. Secure and reliable process automation is a crucial piece of our commitment to compliance. Due to frequently changing rules and regulations in the debt collection industry, automated processes help to control risks and increase compliance monitoring. Our partners are equally compliance-driven and provide an effective model for the automation of auditing regulatory requirements. This technology allows us to rapidly adjust to new rules and case law and communicate changes quickly and efficiently. Working with the team collectively during testing and deployment, we refine and evolve these tools to adapt to changes in real-time.

Innovative Technology

In addition to adapting tools to safeguard compliance initiatives and train our staff, Frontline Asset Strategies also utilizes technology to provide more flexible communication methods for consumers. Developing multi-channel communications and payment options gives consumers choices for responding to calls and making payments. Our implementation of mobile technology streamlines traditional collection processes into a more user-friendly, secure, and efficient process through our online and mobile channels.

Consumer Data

Account segmentation divides data into parts that can be easily definable, accessible, and actionable. These advanced analytics allow us to evaluate our approach to optimizing communication channels and measuring results. We align these efforts with the needs of each unique customer to determine best practices for resolving various types of at-risk accounts while continuing to provide exceptional customer service. Consumer information controls and data security are essential to advancing the overall customer experience. Our technology partners have helped to implement a safe and secure environment for consumer communications and payment.

Identify Opportunities

In combination with our technology teams, we run our testing and simulations through a sandbox environment connected to a real toolbox to ensure seamless integration with our system of record and other tools. Controlled deployments like skip tracing and data mining are audited and measured for satisfaction and performance. Results achieved through these technology tests allow us to identify opportunities and gain valuable insights that help us to simplify the settlement process lifecycle for our clients and their customers. 

Forward Thinking

Embracing new ideas and deploying new technology gives us the ability to connect business processes with customer experiences, analyze those connections for insights, and help us to make confident, trusted business decisions. Frontline Asset Strategies plans to continue these valuable partnerships with success-driven technology companies to provide debt collection solutions. Collaboration with our partners helps us be more resilient and agile in today’s challenging and changing environment. We continue to encourage innovation and strive to continually adopt and deploy new technology as the industry evolves. 

About Frontline Asset Strategies

Founded in 2008, Frontline Asset Strategies is a nationally licensed and bonded full-service collection agency specializing in accounts receivable management solutions that assist clients with maximizing the recovery of delinquent and non-performing accounts. Our team works with integrity and transparency to deliver positive consumer interactions that exceed expectations. Our main headquarters is in Roseville, MN.