Frontline Asset Strategies Provides
Proactive and Intelligent Compliance

Compliance Powered by Technology & People

Frontline Asset Strategies understands the necessity of providing a truly positive consumer experience while remaining current and compliant with evolving rules and regulations that govern the receivables industry. Frontline invests in our team, innovative technology, and proprietary tools to ensure that we meet consumer demands while remaining in compliance. Our team participates in regular training and testing to remain informed and aware of current regulations. We believe that our commitment to honesty, respect, and transparency fuels Frontline’s organizational growth.

We understand the value of data and we respect personal privacy. Frontline Asset Strategies safeguards client and consumer data through multiple layers of secure technology, physical and digital controls, and routinely updated processes and procedures. Our strict security protocols provide data privacy protection that protects the trust consumers have in our clients’ brands.


Compliance, digital responsibility, and operational accountability are integrated into Frontline Asset Strategies’ core processes and daily activities. We focus our investments into the latest technologies, certifications, and accreditations that keep our organization operating in accordance with all pertinent rules and regulations that govern the receivables management industry. We continually train our representatives on regulatory updates, industry best practices, and evolving technology to deliver unmatched services. Our blend of state-of-the-art technology and a well-trained team allows us to provide our clients maximum value while remaining focused on delivering second-to-none consumer support. We do this through our proprietary digital tools, omnichannel solutions, optimized workflows, industry-leading security protocols, and comprehensive system compliance.

Quality Control

Frontline safeguards our clients’ reputations and account holders’ experiences through our quality assurance program. Our representatives are held to the highest standards of accuracy, regulatory adherence, and customer service. We continuously monitor and train our representatives to ensure the highest quality service, transparency, and integrity. We implement 100% call recording, speech analytics software, and call mining to continually provide the most relevant training for our staff. We train and test our new hires on FDCPA, regulatory, security, system, and client procedures. As the bedrock of our organization, Frontline’s compliance training and testing continue at a minimum of every quarter to ensure the best customer service.


Frontline Asset Strategies is a fully licensed and bonded debt collection agency providing recovery services in all 50 states. We are a Certified Receivables Business by the Receivables Management Association International (RMAI), PCI v3.2 compliant, and we are a SOC 3 Type 2 certified data center(s). Protecting data is our priority and information security is reinforced through our processes and procedures. Our infrastructure supports the robust security measures our clients require to keep data secure and ensure regulatory compliance.

Electronic Communication

Consumers are increasingly relying on digital communication methods for all collection communications. Frontline Asset Strategies gives consumers the option to opt in to electronic communications such as SMS text messages and emails to increase engagement, provide more personalized customer service, and drive increased revenue for our clients. To encourage consumers to opt in, we make the process of opting in to electronic communications fast and easy.

Complaint Management

If you have questions about your account, we encourage you to call us at (877) 258-1590. If you would like to submit a complaint regarding a claim or an experience with our business, please use our online complaint form. Be sure to fill out the form completely and accurately so our team has the information necessary to help reach a resolution. Our team works diligently to provide amicable resolutions to consumer feedback.

Chief Compliance Officer: Jason Davis

Certification Number: P2206-1478

Company RMA Certification: C1510-1049

Consumer Education


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