Safe, reliable, accredited, compliant – no corners are cut on consumer, client or company security.  Instant desktop connection to national and state compliance regulations. Company-wide 24×7 video monitoring, recording, electronic key card access, SOC 3 certified data centers (just to name a few). Rest assured, security is ever-present.


21st century organizations safely deploy technology-enabled “Strategies” to meet the current changing consumer, regulatory and client requirements. First and foremost, technology and strategy must be compliant and work. All the time. And not only must it work reliably, but also intelligently, productively and redundantly.

Speak geek

Because our leadership comes from the tech space, we’re fluent in terabytes and on top of breaking technology. This gives FAST an edge. We provide tools that go far beyond a scattergun of letters and a schedule of Sunday afternoon phone calls.


We have handpicked our technology partners wiring our staff to serve and succeed with proprietary tools and dedicated 24/7/365 support to face fewer IT disruptions. If you want to talk workflow optimization, smart batching, call recording, mining, monitoring and control, multiple layers of backup, instant compliance check, and more, we’re happy to. Or if you prefer talking about the output of our technology – more compliance, overall customer service and higher liquidation rates – we’re happy to discuss that too.