Our executives have 50-plus years of experience serving valued clients. But that said, we’re not stuck in an ancient cloud of cigar smoke from yesterday’s business practices. We’re active in ever-changing trends, busy with certifications and secondary education, seeking new technologies, and extremely engaged with the day-to-day business. We’re motivational as leaders because our work habits are better than our golf scores.



“When you teach you learn.” This is one of our guiding principles. Senior-level support and oversight raises the performance bar for all, from our CEO down to our newest call center specialist. We keep a low agent-to-supervisor ratio, where coaching, auditing and encouraging happens not on a daily basis, but on an hourly basis. Leadership doesn’t happen from a distance. It happens shoulder-to-shoulder, where skills compound and each makes the other better.



Be sure of one thing, our culture is competitive. But our competitiveness is constructive and professional. We motivate with clear goals, compliance-based incentives and deadlines. As we serve, we are your trusted partner that is equally willing to compete, with dignity, on your behalf. Undoubtedly, you’ll quickly reap the benefits of our culture.