Core Values


The first thing an elite company must collect is the best people. We are not a collections factory. Nor are we a cubical labyrinth or a robotic call center. We are strategically aimed compliance-based, consumer-focused specialists who enjoy helping others, working together, and overachieving in a team-based environment.


We are champions of our clients, their customers as consumers. We know whom we work for. We exist to help others succeed. FAST has built mutually beneficial relationships because we heed rule number one: You’re the boss. We’re proud to be of service. Tell us what you need and watch us exceed.


We live in a far different world today than 20 years ago. Today’s most effective partners aren’t stuck in yesteryear. They’re rethinking, reinvesting, innovating – providing consumer behavior driven, compliance-based solutions as we do.


We don’t try to be all things to all people in all countries in all languages. We focus. We excel in consumer friendly, collection and call center services.